On this page we have put together answers to a number of general questions about udnergraduate study at UFAZ. If you have specific question, please refer to our question-answer (in the "Contact Us" section) form or to out Facebook/Instragram page and we will respond as soon as possible.


FAQ for local students:

  • What is the admissions process at UFAZ?

    Students of the first group who have scored 500 and more during the State Exam and who have participated in the special test prepared by the University of Strasbourg are then allowed to apply to UFAZ. Those who have showed best results according to the classification of professions chosen may be admitted to the UFAZ undergraduate program.

  • If already admitted UFAZ, I am refusing to study there for the payment or any other reason, is there a chance to participate in the selection of other programs by the State Exam Center?

    Yes, even after you are admitted to UFAZ, but refused to register, you have a chance to participate in the codification process by the State Exam Center.

  • Am I supposed to pass another exam in order to be considered as a first year student of the undergraduate program at UFAZ, after the completion of the foundation year?

    During the foundation year, each semester students will have to pass 3 exams for each course taken (2 mid terms and one final) and by the end of the year they will get one average score for all the exams taken. In order to have completed the foundation year students need to score minimum 10 out of 20 possible maximum score.

  • What are the tuition fees at UFAZ?

    UFAZ offers 120 places that government paid and 40 places on the paid basis. The tuition fee per academic year is 3000 Azerbaijani manats.

  • What should be written instead of the State Exam Center work number (personal registration number), user name and the State Exam Center’s password?

    The State Exam Center’s personal registraion number is the 6-digit number shown on the examination ID provided by the State Exam Center. The user name of the State Center Exam and the SCE’s password are the same as the name and the password shown in your personal page at the State Exam Center.

  • Is UFAZ providing students with jobs upon the completion of their studies?

    During their four years at UFAZ, students will have a chance to participate in different kinds of career fairs as well as internship programs organised specially for UFAZ students. These and other mechanisms will help our students to find a job and start building their careers already during education years.

  • What is the minimum entrance requirement?

    UFAZ-a qəbul imtahanında minimal keçid balı yoxdur. Yalnız İngilis dilindən 20 üzərindən minimum 7 (07/20) və daha aşağı bal toplayan namizədlər, avtomatik olaraq UFAZ-ın qəbul imtahanından kəsilmiş sayılırlar.

  • What is the overall number of questions at the UFAZ entrance exam (by the University of Strasbourg)

    There will be 10 questions for each subject that are math, physics, chemistry and general set of questions. English test is a combination of on one essay and one grammatical excercise.

  • I have scored less than 500 during the first exam of the State Exam Center. I believe I can score more than 500 during the second tour of the exam. Can I apply to UFAZ before taking the second exam (second tour)?

    You can only register for UFAZ exam after having received your score (more than 500) of the second exam.

  • What is the major difference between the admission to the foundation year and the first year?

    Education at UFAZ takes four years, one year is a preparation year and three plus years of bachelor degree. The high-school graduates can only apply to the foundation year. The immediate admission to the bachelor degree level (second year student) is open for the first and second year graduate students of the Azerbaijan Oil and Industry University.

  • I have more questions - what should I do? 

    Please email us on info@ufaz. az if you have a question that hasn’t been answered here. As an option, you may email an individual staff member or academic staff member if you have a more specific number or call us directly. You can find more contact information here: 

FAQ for international students:

  • What is the minimum English language requirement?

    The English language requirement for all the applicants is higher intermediate (?) level. All students will have English language course as part of their curriculum and will have a chance to improve their skills while studying at UFAZ.

  • Will I have to attend an interview?

    No we do not organize interviews with prospective students (except for internationals students).

  • Does UFAZ offer accommodation for graduate students?

    UFAZ staff is helping international students by connecting them to the people working at the accommodation search engines as well as information about available accommodation places in Baku, how much rent students should expect to pay, and advice on rental agreements.