Rectors' Welcome

Dear Students, Colleagues and Partners, 

Dear Friends! 

The French-Azerbaijani University under the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University is an unprecedented, second-to-none higher educational institution created at the initiative of the presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the French Republic. Its double-degree program is unique for Azerbaijan and the whole region. It allows the citizens of Azerbaijan to get higher education in their motherland according to the academic and scientific standards of the French education system, without leaving their country. The Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, together with the Universities of Strasbourg and Rennes1, are very proud of their contributions to the development of such a noble and promising project that is UFAZ. The four engineering specialties taught at UFAZ since September 2016 have the fast-growing potential in the world markets. They are essential for every market and especially for Azerbaijan nowadays with the increasing need for economic diversification. Students of UFAZ have unique opportunities to learn from the French professors coming to Baku on weekly basis, to gain a high-quality education in technical sciences. They will also have access to the rich e-libraries of Strasbourg and Rennes1 universities as well as modern laboratories. Upon the completion of their studies, the UFAZ graduates will receive two diplomas – the diploma of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) and Strasbourg or Rennes1 University (depending on the degree received). This in turn increases their chances of getting into top-ranked universities to purse master degree! 

I wish to all the newly admitted and prospective students to work hard and persevere in order to achieve success and be able to benefit from both French and Azerbaijani educational education systems.  

Mustafa Babanli

Rector of the Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

Dear Students, Dear Teachers,  

Dear Friends of UFAZ! 

All our colleagues and partners involved in the setting up of UFAZ have been working hard to see this unique project opened in September 2016. We have been receiving great support from the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan, as well as the Government of France and the French Embassy to open the doors of UFAZ in a very short time. Although there is still a lot to be achieved and our agenda is only increasing day by day, UFAZ already represents an example of fruitful cooperation between Azerbaijan and France and the educational institutions of both countries! The University of Strasbourg is very pleased and excited to be a part of this ambitious project and to contribute to the establishment of a high-quality scientific university of international standing in Azerbaijan. Our goal is to train, in close partnership with the professional and industrial sectors of both sides, a highly skilled workforce, French and English speaking, that will sustain the economic growth of Azerbaijan. Both Unistra and ASOIU are the universities who trained and educated the Nobel Prize winners. Hopefully, one day UFAZ graduates will make for a long list of the laureate and winners of this highly prestigious award! 

So let me express my gratitude to everybody involved in this unique project and wish good luck and great success to the current and prospective students! 

Michel Deneken

President of the University of Strasbourg