UFAZ Faculty

UFAZ Faculty are a group of intellectuals committed to their teaching ideas and research activities.

Our teaching staff consits of Azerbaijani scientific experts majority of who have received an international education. Then there are French scientific experts who come to UFAZ all year long on a weekly basis, determined to share their knowledgde and practical skills with Azerbaijani students.

One of our main goals at UFAZ is to take away the borders between the Azerbaijani and French academic staff and work as a united team by building bridges between Professors and Researches, and ultimately between the two educational systems.

Our faculty is our strength. It is in their hands to raise world’s future research leaders and drive the success of the students. 

UFAZ Azerbaijani Professors have received their higher education in different corners of the world. It is our honour to chase the best of the best so they can teach our students how to solve the world’s biggest problems and never be afraid of challenges. By the best we mean the candidates who will be dedicated researchers and inventors and who will teach the students how to originate ideas and make them work. 

However the progress is not a matter of a day or even a year. It takes time to build up the full-time faculty staff here at UFAZ.

You can check out our page vacant academic positions at our university and become a contributor to the education of the high-scale engineers of Azerbaijan!