UFAZ Governance

Steering Committee  

The Steering Committee is considered the highest staff and is responsible for the resolution of all issues pertaining to UFAZ.

Amongst others, the following matters fall under the exclusive competence of the Steering Committee:

  • Strategic decisions, determining strategic purposes and directions of activities of UFAZ;
  • Approval of annual budget;
  • Definition and monitoring of control procedures for UFAZ;
  • Approval of internal regulations of UFAZ.

The Steering Committee holds annual meetings either in Strasbourg or in Baku, and consists of 5 voting members:  

  • Rector of ASOIU  
  • President of Strasbourg University
  • Representative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Representatives of the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan  

Pedagogical Committee  

The Pedagogical Committee is the executive body responsible for academic issues and education process. The Committee consists of one representative from each university (UNISTRA, ASOIU and any other universities delivering an academic training within UFAZ) for each diploma course.  

The Pedagogical Committee is consulted in the following matters:

  1. Pedagogical: educational model and study program, content, assessment, selection of candidates, award of scholarships;
  2. Administrative issues relating to academic activities: procedures of enrolling and administrating the students, communication with students, planning of academic course;
  3. Academic staff: recruitment of French permanent teachers, planning the missions of invited professors, recruitment of Azerbaijani teachers in collaboration with ASOIU...etc.

Executive Management 

The operative management of UFAZ is effected in Baku by the Director, representing the Azerbaijani part and the General Secretary, representing the French part. A project Coordinator is designated in the University of Strasbourg. 

Director, Secretary General and Coordinator implement decisions of the Steering Committee and recommendations of the Pedagogical Committee and deal with daily administrative and technical issues.

Director and General Secretary work together on equal terms for the daily management of UFAZ, under the authority of both ASOIU and Unistra universities.