Foundation Year Program

Structure of the Foundation Year of UFAZ

2 semesters entirely taught in English language in order to strenghthen UFAZ students in:

  • English language
  • Scientific topics: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Initiation to French language

Foundation Year program is a special year designed for UFAZ students, that is common to all the 4 specialities at UFAZ. This year does not exist in the French universities. It was set up in order to fill the gap that exists between Azerbaijani system (Bachelor degree in 4 years) and the French system (Bachelor degree in 3 years). Furthermore this year enables us to provide our students with the required English level and scientific skills in order for them to successfully the French Bachelor Degree program in 3 years.

UE         Foundation Year - Semester 1    ECTS
UE101Mathematics1 : Mathematics background in English3
UE102Physics 1 : Physics background in english3
UE103Chemistry 1 : Chemistry background in English3
UE104Computer science 1 Algorithms and Programming4
UE105French language2
UE106English language4
UE107   Working methodology1
UE     Foundation Year - Semester 2ECTS
UE201Maths2 Analysis4
Maths2 Algebra
UE203Computer Science 2 : programming3
UE205French language2
UE206English language3
UE207SHS 1: Study project 2