UFAZ Bachelor Program Admission Procedures 2019

  • Online UFAZ admissions: Admission platform open until Friday 19/07 23.59pm
  • UFAZ admission exam: Tuesday 23/07 10:00 am at UFAZ main building (Nizami Str. 183) Candidates must bring ID card and entrance paper to exam place no later than 09:00 am.
  • Online publication of exam results and admission offer: Thursday 25/07 
  • Appeal of results: Saturday 27/07 from 10.00am until 16.00pm (without interruption) at UFAZ main building (Nizami Str. 183) 

  • Confirmation & final registration of candidates:
    • 1st admission phase: until Monday 29/07 16pm 
    • 2nd admission phase: from Tuesday 30/07 until Wednesday 31/07 16pm
    • Reserve list:Thursday 01/08 until Friday 02/08 12noon

To finalize registration, all documents in hard copies have to be submitted to UFAZ administration according to the deadlines indicated above.