Scholarships and Tuition fees

Azerbaijani Students 

Each academic year, UFAZ admits (based on the results of the admission UFAZ exam) :

- 120 students on govermnental basis (exempted from tuition fees throughout the 4 years of the program)

- 40 students on paying basis (3000 azn / academic year).

Furthermore 75 % of our students (120 on 160 students) benefit from monthly scholarships provided by the government of Azerbaijan.

Monthly scholarships are given based on students' academic results at the entrance exam of SSAC for the Foundation Year. Starting from the second year, monthly scholarships are awarded to the students for each semester depending on their academic results at UFAZ. 

If a student fails to show the minimum score required to complete the Foundation year at UFAZ, he will be faced with two options:

- transfer to the Azerbaijani State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU) on paying basis only;

- student who wishes to stay at UFAZ may be allowed to apply for Foundation year again, on paying basis only.

International Students

International students can only study at UFAZ on a paying basis.

Tuition fees are fixed for the academic year 2022 / 2023 to 4000 USD per one academic year.

Payment terms 

Azerbaijani Students

  • Payment for the Foundationyear(1st Year) should be made immediately at its full amount during the registration period officially announced by the university representatives each year.

Payment cheque given by the bank is to be provided to the Education Department of UFAZ during that registration time. This is obligatory in order to secure your place at the University.

  • The payment for other current students studying in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Years can be made in 2 (two) installments for one academic 

Important Note:

According to Azerbaijani Legislation, children of disabled parents, martyrs, orphans, and refugees are exempted from tuition fees. For further details, please contact Administration of the University.

International Students

International students can be admitted to UFAZ on paying basis only. Tuition fees at UFAZ for international students for all 4 (four) faculties is 4,000 USD per year to be paid in the local currency at the exchange rate on the day of payment.

All international students can benefit from the same deadlines for installments as Azerbaijani students.

UFAZ bank account details for transferring tuition fee:


Kapital Bank ASC 28 May branch                         










French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) under Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University



Account No