Presentation on "ActInSpace 2020 Azerbaijan" International Innovation Contest


EVENT PLACE: UFAZ Big Conference Hall (room 102)

EVENT DATE: Feb. 11, 2020

EVENT TIME: 4:15 p.m.

It is that time of the year where you get one of the greatest opportunity to unleash your potential, develop innovative projects, spend unforgetable experience with your team members and receive amazing prizes! 

This year French-Azerbaijani University - UFAZ brings the 2nd edition of the ActinSpace - 24h International Hackathon to Azerbaijan with the sponsorship of Azercosmos and INNOLAND Incubation & Acceleration Center.

The main objective of the competition is to bring space technology, infrastructure, data etc. to launch start-ups which will fit into our daily life.

As a participant, you need to register through the official website which will be opened on February 29, 2020. We are planning to host 150 participants, so registration will be closed once we have enough, on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Teams may consist of 2-5 people, and you can choose up to 2 challenges to set your project. Challenges have already been announced on the official website of Act In Space:

Competition is free of charge and is OPEN TO EVERYONE!: students, business creators, researchers, entrepreneurs, developers, creators and space experts, job seekers. We especially encourage women to participate.

Winning teams (first two teams) will get 6 months free working space and mentoring from INNOLAND Incubation & Acceleration Center, as well as round-trip tickets to participate in ActInSpace 2020 Finals in Toulouse, France!

Date: 24-25 April, 2020

Venue: French-Azerbaijani University

You are all welcomed and encouraged to participate in the presentation to be held on February 11 at UFAZ Main Building.

Enjoy watching the video brief from ActInSpace 2018, International Hackathon in space application, that was held for the first-time in Baku, Azerbaijan!

Do not forget to follow ActInSpace social media accounts for furter information:

Facebook: Act In Space Azerbaijan

Twitter: @AISAzerbaijan

Instagram: @ActInSpaceAzerbaijan


Plenty of partners provided challenges. To help you make your choice, the challenges have been subdivided into different categories.

#Every Day Life Business: Get your business off the ground using space technologies
#Space4.0: Become a NewSpace player and improve the space sector thanks to ‘earth technologies’
#Humanitarian: Find a way to make the Space Sector serve humanitarian causes