24 UFAZ students will do a 5-month internship in France


During the Spring semester of 2022/2023 academic year 24 second-year master students of French-Azerbaijani University will be doing an internship and making dissertation defense at 10 different laboratories in 4 various cities of France.

Students will be working at laboratories under the supervision of French professors. Among them 9 are in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, 8 in Physical Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, and 7 in Geosciences Programs of UFAZ. 

From Fall semester of 2022, already 2 UFAZ students have been doing second year of their master studies at University of Strasbourg. One of them has been studying Chemoinformatics, and the other one is pursuing Physical and Analytical Chemistry specialties. 

UFAZ students find internships themselves. Students with high academic performances are provided with scholarships during their internships in France.