Complex Computational Ecosystems (CCE '23) international scientific conference has been finalized


On April 27, 2023, an international scientific conference, entitled, “Complex Computational Ecosystems (CCE '23)” was finalized at French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ). The Conference that lasted for 3 days was co-organized by UFAZ, ASOIU, Unistra, CNRS and UNESCO UniTwin.
The Conference was devoted to all scientists involved in transdisciplinary challenges crossing theoretical questions with empirical observations of multi-level and multi-modal computational ecosystems. In addition to Azerbaijan (3 papers), France (5 papers), Ireland (3 papers), Japan (2 papers), USA/Czech Republic, Germany, Ecuador and Mauritania (1 paper each), a total of 17 scientific papers were presented at the conference. 16 papers have been accepted for publication by the Springer, international journal.
The conference was held in a hybrid format. 18 speakers and 5 keynote speakers had a speech at the event. Among them were UFAZ Computer Science teachers Ulviyya Abdulkarimova, Rauf Fatali and Samer El Zant, as well as professor Latafat Gardashova and Babek Guirimov from ASOIU.
At the closing ceremony, Unistra Professor Pierre Collet, ASOIU Vice-Rector Professor Latafat Gardashova, UFAZ Executive Director Vazeh Askarov and General Secretary Elizaveta Bydanova thanked the participants and speakers.
In the end, Amani Abou Rida, a doctoral student of the University of Strasbourg, was awarded the best article prize chosen by Springer journal. The conference also presented special diplomas for the best student and best non-student presentations. Majed Jaber was awarded for the best student presentation and Masatoshi Funabashi was awarded for the best non-student presentation.

The Complex Computational Ecosystems international conference, which is supposed to be held once every 3 years, has completed its work.