"Master Technology Transfer" Program of Technip Energies at UFAZ has been finalized.


On May 8, the 7-week "Master Technology Transfer" Program organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and Technip Energies was concluded. In addition to UFAZ students, ASOIU and BHOS students also participated in the training organized at the French-Azerbaijani University. Among the 37 students who successfully completed the program, 14 are representatives of UFAZ.
During the course, students were trained by professionals from Technip Energies Sustainable Fuels, Chemicals & Circularity, Gas & Low Carbon Energies, Digital Transformation & Cybernetix and etc.
During the closing ceremony, the Head of the UFAZ Educational Department, Samra Shiriyeva, thanked the entire Technip Energies team on behalf of the university for the successful cooperation. Marco Villa, Chief Operating Officer of Technip Energies and Luigi Fiorentino, Vice President of Commercial Affairs, highlighted the students' motivation and high level of knowledge.
3 of the 6 members of the team selected by the company as the winner of the presentation session (Arzu Salimli, Elvin Rzayev and Zeynab Shirinli) were 4th year Chemical Engineering students of UFAZ. 15 students who will successfully complete the interview stage planned in June will be involved in internship programs at Technip Energies in different European cities.