UFAZ hosted its 7th Steering Committee


On July 8, 2020 UFAZ Steering Committee successfully held its seventh-meeting in the premises of the French-Azerbaijani University via online communication with French colleagues.

The Committee gathered together its official members including the ASOIU Rector Mustafa Babanli, the Ambassador of France to Azerbaijan HE Zacharie Gross representing the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Chief of Staff Mukhtar Mammadov and the Deputy Chief of Staff Yagub Piriyev representing the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Vice-Chairperson of International Affairs Irinie Tsamadou Jacoberger representing Unistra

From French side, UFAZ was represented by UFAZ Scientific Expert and Deputy Vice-President for International Affairs Philippe Turek, Honorary Dean of the Chemistry faculty, UFAZ Coordinator and member of UFAZ Scientific Committee Jean-Marc Planeix, UFAZ Scientific Expert and Computer Science Professor Pierre Collet, and UFAZ Project Officer Florent Baulieu. 

Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural action of the Embassy of France to Azerbaijan Jérôme Kelle, UFAZ Director Vazeh Askarov, and Head of Education Department Latifa Nasibova were also amongst the participants of this important meeting. 

The Committee discussed the results of the academic year 2019/20 with regard to the pandemic outbreak and its impact on the academic process - organization of online courses and exams, as well as first internship organization experience of UFAZ. The latest statistics of fourth-year graduating students has also been communicated. (38 % admission to UFAZ MSC, 11 % admission to MS abroad and 14 % employment). The Committee validated the proposal for the coordination of alumni activities, establishment of Alumni Association and as well as the renewal of international cooperation agreements between ASOIU and Unistra. 

Last but not the least, the Committee elaborated on the general development strategy of the university for both bachelor and master’s degree programs in the upcoming academic year considering the possible continuation of distance learning.

The Steering Committee, highest management body of UFAZ, takes place twice a year alternatively in Baku and in Strasbourg to discuss all strategic and operational issues of UFAZ.  

It is the highest management body of UFAZ, authorized to consider and resolve any matter related to UFAZ.