UFAZ hosts "Code for Future" Annual Hackathon Sponsored by Azercell


French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) is thrilled to announce the start of its annual computer science #hackathon, "#CodeForFuture," which is being sponsored by #Azercell. The event kicked off on March 4th and will run for two days, culminating in business presentations on March 14.
The competition has been designed to bring together young and innovative minds to solve real-world problems in the fields of technology, innovation and communication.
A total of 120 teams from different universities in Azerbaijan and Turkey applied to participate in the competition. After a rigorous selection process, only 30 teams were chosen based on gender balance, year at university, specialty, and agile knowledge.
Participants will work around the clock over the next two days, coding and developing solutions to the challenges presented. At the end of the event, the technical jury will evaluate all projects and select the best ones. The teams will present their projects in front of the business jury on March 14, competing for the ultimate prize.
UFAZ expresses gratitude to Azercell for its sponsorship of the event, which has helped make the hackathon possible. The event promises to be an exciting showcase of innovation and team collaboration in the field of computer science.
For more information, please contact UFAZ at events@ufaz.az or visit the website at https://hackathon.ufaz.az