UFAZ Management had a meeting with the newly elected University Student Council


On March 7, a meeting was held between the management of the French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ) and the newly elected University Student Council (USC). Vazeh Askarov, the Executive Director of UFAZ, Elizaveta Bydanova, the Secretary General, and Jean-Marc Planeix, the Vice-President of Strasbourg University and Coordinator of UFAZ from Unistra, attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the President of USC, Emin Khalifayev, introduced his new team and presented their yearly program. The UFAZ management expressed gratitude to the former USC board for their contributions to university life and extended well wishes to the new team.

Jean-Marc Planeix emphasized the importance of student participation in university administration, highlighting that one of the fifteen Vice-Presidents of Strasbourg University is a student.

Additionally, UFAZ is collaborating with Strasbourg University to establish a Council for the Improvement of the university. The objective of this council is to increase student participation in the establishment of study programs.

Overall, the meeting served as an opportunity for the UFAZ management and the newly elected USC to establish a positive relationship and discuss ways to promote student involvement in university affairs.