UFAZ Physics Teacher did a research trip to University of Strasbourg


Within the framework of the research activities of French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ), UFAZ Physics teacher and local coordinator Gulyaz Najafova is doing research at Strasbourg University (Unistra). At the same time she is the PhD student at Baku Engineering University. Mrs. Najafova did a research trip from June 13 to 24 at the Biophysics of Membranes and NMR Laboratory at Strasbourg under the supervision of Unistra Professor Philippe Bertani.

Her supervisor at Unistra is Professor Philippe Bertani, who is the lecturer at the university and the invited professor at UFAZ. Her subject is related with Amyloid-beta (25-35) peptide. A particular fragment, Aβ (25-35) (with sequence GSNKGAIIGLM) is considered to be the functional domain of Aβ (1-40/42) (which has the main role in Alzheimer's disease), responsible for its neurotoxic properties and the biologically active region of Aβ (1-40/42). The Aβ (25-35) peptide possesses many of the characteristics of the full-length Aβ (1-40/42), including its amphiphilic nature and the tendency to aggregate.

Mrs. Najafova is performing the NMR method and it can provide serious information about the structure of the amyloid beta-peptide (25-35) molecule, its model in different aqueous solutions.