UFAZ student ranked 1st place at international scientific conference


We are proud to announce that Baylar Zarbaliyev, 4th year Chemical Engineering student recently ranked 1stat an online international conference, entitled "The Scientific Conference dedicated to the 97th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev", held by Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).

We present you the short interview we conducted with Baylar:

1. Could you give us information about the NCR Research Team?

The NCR Research Team was established in November 2018 by NarminaGuliyeva, Chemistry Professor and Researcher of Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University (ASOIU). The team consists of two supervisors - Prof. UlviyyaHasanova, PhD. NarminaGuliyeva, 2 UFAZ and 8 ASOIU students. Our research projects cover organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nanochemistry, polymer chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, and material sciences. We have published several papers in international scientific journals, participated at the international conference "Thermophysical and Mechanical Properties of Advanced Materials” held in Izmir, Turkey in April 2019 and international conference "Scientific Conference dedicated to the 96th anniversary of Heydar Aliyev" held in BHOS in September 2019. In addition, we have also participated in various conferences at Baku State University and published theses within the international conference in Ufa, Russia. We are currently carrying out several projects in various fields of chemistry and all students are very keen on research projects. I am thankful to my supervisors for enhancing our knowledge in various fields of chemistry.

2. Tell us more about the latest international conference you have participated in and ranked 1st place. 

This year we have participated at the international scientific conference held by BHOS and our team members have been awarded for 1st places in different fields. My presentation covered our research project "The physical-mechanical properties of epoxide oligomers modified with the graphene-oxide nanoparticles". The research was conducted by our group during last year and currently we are trying to improve this research by working on different methods. I have presented our work in the branch of "Advanced materials and Polymers'' section of the conference. During my presentation, the members of the jury have asked several questions and expressed their contentment with the presentation and our work. During the closing ceremony the rector of BHOS congratulated me and my supervisor. As it was an online conference, we will receive our rewards certificates in September.

3. What was the role of UFAZ in your achievement?

During our practical works, UFAZ has provided us with its well-equipped scientific laboratory. I should note that the permission of UFAZ played a big role in our projects and made us more motivated to work in better conditions to achieve successes several times. The chemistry professors Maxime Florent and DunyaBabanli as well as the laboratory assistants, especially NarinjRustamli helped us a lot in scheduling the laboratory hours and using equipment upon their availability.

4. Any upcoming projects of your team?

Actually, we have many projects to be done in upcoming months, but our first goal is to make our group official at one university. We are also interested in working with companies in order to participate in real-time research projects and increasing the efficiency of some chemistry-based industries by collaborating with their Research Development Departments. It would be also great to have more students from UFAZ as they are too talented and most of them are ready to work as research assistants. We offer the official research projects and official international publications as well as the networking with well-known Azerbaijani professors who are working in foreign countries. We are sure that after official announcement and attracting more students interested in chemistry, we will have the capacity to implement important projects and become the best research group in Azerbaijan.

5. You stated that you are open to see the interested students in your team. Is there any admission platform or procedure that you want us to inform the students?

If there are students interested in research projects, learning chemistry deeply, they can contact our supervisor by mail. They can also contact me for further details.

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This interview is realized by UFAZ PR Team in June 29, 2020.