UFAZ student won the 1st place at AAPG annual student conference


On April 29th, UFAZ 4th year Oil and Gas Engineering student Gular Ismayilova won a first-winner prize at AAPG annual student conference with her 'Pliocene Productive Series Kirmaki Sub-unit Sedimentary Structures Review' research. Currently, Gular is doing an internship in Rennes 1 University and she participated online.

The research is done based on the Pliocene Productive Series outcrop data. The outstanding analogy of the major hydrocarbon reservoir in the South Caspian Basin (Absherone onshore and western offshore part) is located in the Kirmaki Valley, close to the Balakhany settlement. The research object is the Kirmaky PPS suite. The field was conducted on January 15 and 16th 2023. The information on the sedimentary structures is collected through the series of geometrical measurements of the stoss side and climb angle, thickness, and length across and along the sedimentation. It helped describe preserved information on the flow regime, flow direction and sediment type. A description of the lithological units and grain size change was also done. As a result, the domination sedimentary feature outlines the flow regime change cyclicity defined. It gives a key to understanding the paleo depositional environment.