UFAZ students finished in third place at Virtual AquaHackathon 2020


On July 3-6, 2020 the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in partnership with ‘Hackathon Azerbaijan’ launched Azerbaijan’s first-ever virtual water-themed hackathon – to crowdsource tech solutions to water challenges and help raise public awareness of the vital importance of water.

We are proud to announce that "Satetlite" team of UFAZ students, UFAZ students Aylin Alakbarli (Geophysical Engineering, 3rd year), Gunay Najafzada (Geophysical Engineering, 4th year) and Imran Ibrahimli (Computer Science, 4th year), as well as their friend Rafael Sofi-zada actively participated in the 48-hour-hack and ranked 3rd with the reward of ₼2000. 

Aylin Alakbarli: "We propose an automated, smart irrigation system, which uses data from soil water level, air humidity sensors and local weather information to create an optimal irrigation schedule and make informed decisions (e.g. not turning on the system if there will be a rain in 2 hours). Such a system accomplishes multiple tasks: it saves electricity, water, and ensures that no plant is under- or over-watered. The system has 2 parts: field hardware (sensors and a small server) and a website. The website features sophisticated, yet minimalist data visualizations and a simple user interface, allowing the user to oversee the system and gauge its effectiveness. Our project is software-based, we will simulate sensor inputs.”

We congratulate our students and wish many more successes to come!