Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence

The academic system is essential to research. At the DSAI master of UFAZ, along our duty to share and deliver knowledge, we also contribute to knowledge-building through our research activities. Thanks to our research lecturers, students receive the best possible education as the courses are taught by people who also work in different research units in France.

Research at the DSAI master of UFAZ is structured around the area of Digital Sciences.
After a 6 month research project during the second term of our M1 year and a 6 month final internship during the second term of our M2 year (that can be purely devoted to research, either in Azerbaidjan or in France), our students can apply to different PhD programs in the French laboratories.
Experimentations can be run on our facilities, composed of state-of-the-art hardware

  • our specific networking lab, equipped with professional hardware for hands-on practice,
  • individual Intel Core i9-7900X ten core 64GB computers equipped with 2x ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPGPU cards,
  • a non-newtonian supercomputer made of the same machines, working together as a group, creating a > 800 TFlops PARSEC machine for compute-intensive research projects.