Student clubs

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” ― Albert Einstein 

Our clubs (acting under the Student Council) are run by students and constantly supported bv the UFAZ administration. Clubs play very important role in the life of the university and help our student to improve leadership their skills. 

Here you can explore your true interests and pursue your new passions by simply becoming a member. Clubs and Student Council are the very heart of student life at UFAZ. They open opportunities for ice breaking activities, networking, socializing and getting to know each other better.  

We believe in the power of imagination and creativity. Since the very first days of UFAZ existence in the field of Azerbaijani (higher education) system, our Rector and all of the administration members have been encouraging our students to expose their talents through the participation in Student Clubs activities.

UFAZ Music Club 

Music Club is an initiative by lovers of all genres; a place to meet like-minded people, a safe space to showcase your talents - singing, playing a musical instrument etc., series of events that will create new excitement in you and something you want to look forward to. There is no procedure of signing up, as it's an open space for all music lovers to get together. 

Events are posted on the Instagram page and you can follow to keep up to date with the club! E-mail us if you want to be notified before all events, to be the first one to know about upcoming gatherings: 

UFAZ StartUp Community 

If you have a creative idea and want to realize it then join UFAZ StartUp Community club! In this club, you can discuss with people who already have experience in this area by improving your knowledge, as well as gaining a lot of useful tips which would be helpful to realize your StartUp project. You can also join the community if you want to share your experience and want to help students who have an idea to realize. 

Recently the club helped its members to join the Climate Launchpad competition, which is one of the major projects for startuppers to realize their idea and then to raise their product in the global market. 

Join the "UFAZ StartUp Community" Facebook page to get regular updates. 

UFAZ Poetry Club 

Poetry club was created for those who love reading and sharing poetry with others - it is a platform where students can express themselves. The club is planning to continue holding poetry evenings. There is no need to be a member of the club to attend poetry evenings, everyone is welcome, however if you are willing to help with the organization you can contact

Aykhan Ibrahimov (CE-017; +994 55 50 553 22 22; +7903 250 42 60;

UFAZ Sports Club 

You can join UFAZ Sports club if you want to learn the self-defence skills and to lead a healthy lifestyle or if you simply want to share your knowledge in the field of sports. 

Last year the club organized a week of sports. Every day after the lessons during the week students were taught the basics of boxing. Apart from that, during the quarantine video lessons were demonstrated to properly and accurately hit punches. 

To join the club, contact:

Almaz Omarov (PE-017; 055-202-86-26; - a champion of the Eurasian championship, the World Cup's medalist, the Champion of the Republic, the Baku Champion and the multiple times champion of inter-club tournaments on kick-boxing. 

UFAZ Chess Club 

Chess is an ancient board game, which can be also described as a kind of sport and even a field of science.  UFAZ Chess Club, in its turn creates an opportunity to participate in virtual and real chess tournaments. Online chess tournaments are one of the best ways to both have fun and force the brain to think logically. Every student of UFAZ, from amateurs to masters, who wants just to play chess or desires to feel the taste of victory can join the club and take part in the tournaments that are announced in UFAZ Students Facebook group. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact:

Rustam Babakhanov (GE-019), UFAZ Chess Club founder: 

Animal Care Club 

Animal Care Club (ACC) was created to help sick or injured stray animals. The club works to promote the human-animal bond, protect street animals, support animal welfare, stop wildlife abuse, confront cruelty to animals in all of its forms. Its work includes group visits to animal shelters, ecological projects, and educating people mercy towards animals in our community. The club consists of curators and volunteers. The club’s mission is to reach out our helping hand to our four-legged friends. 

To join the club, visit the website: 

Instagram account: 

UFAZ Football Club 

UFAZ football championship is a tournament which is held each semester among UFAZ students. It is one of the biggest social activities in UFAZ, as over 150 people participate in the championship. The format of the tournament consists of group and play-off stages with 16 teams (faculties). To add a bit more rivalry there are awards for winners as teams and individual prizes for top scorer, top assister, best goalkeeper and best defender. The first championship was held in 2018 with the help of AFFA. The aim of the club is to provide UFAZ students with these events which helps all to make new friends, colours students' life with sport and rivalry and helps to know each other better.

Contact info:; 

Instagram: @ufaz_football 


UCESS (Ufaz Chemical Engineering Students' Society) aims to organize lectures, roundtables, field trips and much more! Till now UCESS has organized an offline seminar and an online ChemEng Bowl. New projects are planned and prepared for making summer more beneficial. 

Keep following the club on Instagram @ucess_ to stay informed. 


UFAZ IT Club was founded on the initiative of Kamal Agayev in 2019. The goal of the club is to bring together students interested in information technologies and share our experience with each other. The club organized several events, including the annual spring programming Olympiads and hub for UFAZ students during the international Google HashCode contest. 

If you have any ideas/ projects that you want to share, please contact:

Anar Mahmudov, 


UFAZMUN Club holds its Conference two times: Once in Spring and once in Autumn. Till now, the club has held 3 Conferences - 1st annual UFAZMUN Conference, 1st annual UFAZMUN Fall Conference, and first ever Azerbaijan Virtual UFAZMUN Conference. Thanks to the last Conference, the Club became an International Club, as it already has the participants from different countries. During the sessions, all participants are trying to solve political problems around the world, do research, and ultimately add their solutions to the resolution paper. To apply for the conferences, all the participants should fill out the form which is sent to students when notifying about the upcoming session. Only the best applicants are interviewed and then the delegates are chosen for the Conference. Afterwards, a Training Session is held with participants selected. All the participants get the certificates for participation and the best ones get awards.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the founder of UFAZMUN:

Said Isgandarov (CE-018; +994 70 270 74 47;